Working together

At the Hussein Foundation we believe that when you stand together you are stronger. That is why we ask as many people as possible to help with the construction of the orphanage. There are several ways to help:

You can support the project financially by transferring money to our account:

In the Netherlands the Hussein Foundation has been granted an ANBI status. This means that the government recognises that the foundation is dedicated to the public benefit for at least 90%. This status also means that often your donation is deductible from your tax return. 

Volunteering at events / organising events
Another way to support the foundation is through events. A couple times a year we organise events to raise money. We can always use the help of passionate people who are willing to donate a couple of hours.
It is also possible to organise your own fundraising event. The foundation will provide any support that is needed in this process

More information
Would you like to receive more information about donating? Contact us on the contact page