The Hussein Foundation has started construction of the orphanage in Burundi

Seven years after the creation of the Hussein Foundation, we have started construction of the first building of the orphanage on the 3th of may. It is estimated that construction of this building will take four months. In the beginning of 2019 the first childeren will move in as residents. 

Since January 2011 the Hussein Foundation is working with future director Honorata Ndirampeza to realize an orphanage. The goal is to make the dream of the in 2010 deceased Hussein Uwimpaye come true. A self-sufficient orphanage where you children can grow up safely under the watchful eye of caring mothers. 

The orphanage will be built in three fases. The main building, which is being built right now, will contain important facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping residence. The second and third fase building will create more room which will make it possible for the orphanage to eventually house 30 orphans and 6 mothers. 

At this moment the Hussein Foundation is, in addition to coordinating the construction, is raising funds for the realization of the second and third buildings. They are doing this by organizing events such as Groot Dictee Bommelerwaard last year with Rotary Zaltbommel and Lions Bommelerwaard. And helping with the annual Sint Maarten celebration. 


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