The story


The story of the Hussein Foundation started on the 10th  July 2010. On this tragic day Hussein Uwimpaye drowned in the river De Waal in Zaltbommel at exactly the  same place where he had saved two children from drowning just two years before. There were a group of people who continued to think about how Hussein's noble dream of building an orphanage would now never become reality. Together with Honorata Ndirampeza they decide to form the Hussein Foundation and to commit themselves to raising money to build the orphanage. The first donation was raised through a charity dance performance. Since then we have spent many years raising money and organising fundraising events. 

In October 2012 the orientation in Burundi began. Chairman Harry joined Honorata in travelling to Burundi to find the best location for the orphanage. This journey was made possible through public donations and a personal contribution. When in Burundi the area of Rugombo was discovered to be the perfect location for the orphanage. Honorata’s brother Servai, who lives in Burundi, agreed to be the local contact for all Burundi related business. 

In July 2013 the moment had arrived! After months of hard work and sending paperwork back and forth the Hussein Foundation buys a plot in Burundi. A beautiful fertile piece of land of 1,8 hectares (120x150 meters) is now owned by the Hussein Foundation.
Meanwhile the Foundation continues to raise money to start building the children’s orphanage.

Currently the Hussein Foundation has multiple focus points. In the past the Foundation had focused mainly on raising funds. Now there are different working groups which are all dedicated to different tasks in the process of building the orphanage. A working group always consists of a board member and multiple volunteers. 

This group is working on raising money and means for the orphanage.

Operational orphanage
Is planning the future of the orphanage. How can  it become self-sustaining and how will it operate when opened?

Architectural team
This group of people is focusing on building the orphanage. Some of the tasks this group is taking on are: architectural drawings, contact with Burundi and preparing a budget. 

Will focus on spreading the message of the foundation through all media and also keeping our followers and sponsors up to date. 


The Hussein Foundation has started a new era. After years of fundraising we have started construction of the oprhanage in May 2018. The construction will be conducted in different phases. This means that building can continue whilst children are already being housed at the orphanage. 

When the construction of the orphanage is completed, it will become self-sustaining with amongst other things, a vegetable garden and an event space which can be rented out.