The people

The Hussein Foundation works with different working groups. Every group has its own task in making the orphanage possible. The board gets help from volunteers who are dedicated to the mission of the foundation.

Executive Committee

Honorata Ndirampeza | Inspiration & future directrice of the orphanage

Years ago Honorata came to The Netherlands from Burundi as a refugee. Her sons and daughters have all successfully got their degrees. In 2010 her son Hussein drowned in the river De Waal in Zaltbommel. Honorata has been present in every step of the Hussein Foundation since its founding. When it is finished, she will move back to Burundi and act as one of the two directrices of the orphanage.

Harry de Bont | Chairman

As a chairman Harry skilfully maintains an overview in the foundation. He monitors the vision and is active in the working group that is responsible for the building and communication with Burundi. In his daily life Harry is a communication advisor with the municipality of Neerijnen. 

Ellen Raaijmakers-Liebregts | Secretary and treasurer

As secretary and treasurer Ellen keeps an eye on the financial resources. She monitors that  the money being wired to Burundi ends up in the right place. She is also a part of the fundraising working group. Here she is committed to raising money and other resources for the foundation. When Ellen is not busy working for the foundation she is a coach for Autisme Centrum Bommelerwaard and CoachDuo.

Conny Gruter | Bestuurslid & Branding, communication

Conny is responsible for the foundations communication  such as the website and different social media. She also handles communication concerning  Hussein Foundation events. After graduating in communication for the creative industry, Conny  started working as a Supervisor in a big cinema as well as working as a freelance communication & branding specialist.

General board and advisory board

Servais Kubwarugira | Project Manager Burundi

As Project Manager in Burundi, Servais takes care of the day the day of building the orphanage. He and his team He and his team are taking care of the building while maintaining the structural integrity as explained in the blueprints.

Ali Niyongabo | Bouwkundig ingenieur

Ali is a son of Honorata and a brother of Hussein, Ali feels very close to the cause of the foundation. As a graduate from De Hogeschool from  Utrecht Ali oversees decisions about the construction. He has designed the blueprints and given advice with the benefit of his expertise.

Elianne Paulussen | Bouwkundig ontwerper

Elianne and Ali work closely together  when it comes to the construction of the orphanage. Elianne has made 3D impressions of the building and advises on the design of the building. She is also the proud owner of Bouwbureau Lien.

Jeroen van der Bij | Fundraising 

After having volunteered for many of the Hussein Foundation events Jeroen decided to become  a regular volunteer on the advisory board in 2018. As a fundraiser he is dedicated to raising more money for the Hussein Foundation. In addition to his voluntary commitment to the foundation Jeroen is an officeaccount manager.

Maite Oteagui | Board member & operational orphanage

As a part of the working group operational orphanage Maite is working on everything that will matter once the Orphanage has been opened.  Maite has been a teacher in the past, she has a lot of affinity with children and is also able to empathise as  to what is needed in the orphanage. Maite is also a Spanish teacher and is often found visiting  Spain. 

Joke Verkuijlen | Board member & operational orphanage

Joke is also a member of the operational orphanage working group. Joke has been active in many foundations throughout the years and has a great understanding of  how to get things done and work together. She has been active in the women’s movement in the Bommelerwaard for over 25 years now. In 2008 she was  named Woman of the Year in Zaltbommel.