The orphanage

Once the the orphanage,is opened mainly young children between 0 to 7 years will be housed. There will be room for 10 children. In the long term, there will be room for 30 children aged between 0 to 14 years. Children who are not continuously taken care of in their daily life by one and the same adult, will be qualified to be housed in the orphanage. 

Honorata and her sister Fidela will act as directrices of the orphanage and will be responsible for running the orphanage, including managing finances, coordinating the other mothers and creating a safe living environment for both mothers and children. 

The Orphanage

The building will have a U shape consisting of three parts. Every part will have it's own purpose. In order to open the orphanage as soon as possible the building will be built in three phases. After each phase one of the sides will be finished. The building will start with the long side of the U shape. Upon finishing this the first 10 children will move into the orphanage. 

The long side of the U will consist of several important rooms such as a kitchen, bathroom and a dormitory. The other sides of the building will have an event space, teaching room, office and more bathrooms and dormitories. In the open space of the U there will be a courtyard. It will house a playground and a garden which will be crucial to the self-sufficiency of the orphanage. Also there will be an outside kitchen since it is common to cook outside in Burundi.

After completing the orphanage it will be fully self-sufficient. To be able to realize this the board of the orphanage will generate money through agriculture, selling home made products and renting of the event space. 

The following budget has been made available for building the orphanage. 

You can find the blueprints of the building here.